Did you know that vacuuming does not remove all the dirt, dust, dander, and all other allergens from your area rug? That is why it is recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned by a leader in the carpet cleaning industry, The Steam Master Florida LLC.

Our company uses hot water extraction equipment that helps to penetrate deep down into the carpet fiber. Depending on the intricacy of the carpet, we can adjust our water pressure high or low to give your carpet the best cleaning possible. 

Our equipment heats the water to the perfect temperature so that we can power through stains, debris, and critters hiding in your carpet fiber. Yuk! Besides using the best cleaning equipment, we use only superior carpet cleaning chemicals.

Why hire us instead of the companies you see on tv or hear on the radio? We are a local family-owned cleaning company that doesn’t have to pay franchise fees to conglomerates. Not only are our fees lower than the national companies, but you can also get more done for less.  


  1. The first step to our process is to inspect the area rug you want to be cleaned for stains and damage.
  2. We then go over our findings with you to make sure that you are aware of anything we find in the inspection process and provide you with our recommendations. 
  3. Depending on the type of area rug and condition we may be able to do it on location. Sometimes we have to take it offsite to give it a more detailed cleaning. One of the reasons for this is that the fibers may be intricate and we need to use a different cleaning process. Another reason for offsite cleaning would be for harder to remove stains such as red dyes, or pet urine. 
  4. We then vacuum the rug to help loosen and remove dirt and debris.
  5. We then spray the carpet with a pre-spray which helps to emulsify stains and dirt.
  6. We then use our hot water extraction equipment to shoot hot water deep down into the stains and fibers to dissolve, flush, and remove it from the rug.
  7.  The last step in the cleaning process is to extract the water with the powerful section which not only removes the crud but also helps in speeding up drying times.
  8.  We then go over the rug with you to make sure the cleaning met your expectations and you are happy with the results.


The cost of the cleaning is determined by the sq. footage of the carpet, the material, and the method of cleaning recommended. Please call us at (407)777-0124 or by filling out our Free Estimate Form.

We use hot water extraction equipment onsite to spray hot water deep inside your carpet fibers. This method is mostly used for regular area rugs that aren’t damaged or heavily stained. For carpets that are intricate and or stained with pet urine we have to take them off site in order flood the carpet to flush out the urine. After the flush we the remove all the residue and clean the carpet using our hot water extraction method. The carpet is then hung and dried using high velocity fans. For hard to remove stains in the addition to flooding and our drying method we use a machine to agitate the cleaning solution to penetrate deep inside the stains. The carpet then goes through our drying process. Pricing may vary.

The word steam cleaning is heavily used in the carpet cleaning industry. There is not an actual carpet cleaning method which uses steam. The most preferred method recommended by the top carpet manufacturers is hot water extraction. The machine heats up water to 200 degrees fahrenheit and high psi is used to shoot water deep down into the rug. A powerful suction is then used to remove water and help drying. Note: We use a lower psi for intricate carpets. Lower psi is to protect the fiber and does not affect the quality of the cleaning.

In the event we have to take your rugs off-site to clean them you will not be charged extra for this service. Cost of cleaning the area rugs off-site is slightly higher do to the type of cleaning methods used.  If the stain/s is dye or urine based there will be an extra fee associated with this the cleaning.

The prices for our services vary for different cleaning methods. We charge extra to remove urine, red dyes, or the methods in which we clean your area rug. 

If one of our technicians recommends that your area rug needs to be cleaned off site because of the intricacy of the area rug or the rug contains pet urine we will not clean that rug onsite. If you don’t agree to the method we recommend we will not clean that particular rug. All of our technicians are trained to provide you with the best cleaning possible and will not cut corners. We will only recommend extra services if needed. 

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