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Carpet cleaning is one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy home. Carpets can be breeding grounds for bacteria and other harmful substances, including pet urine or pet stains if you happen to have a pet. However, with proper care, they can become cleaner and last longer. This article will outline our hot water extraction process in detail to help you understand how we keep your carpets clean and fresh!

What Is Steam Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning services are not all the same and it is important to know what carpet steam cleaners do. One of the most popular carpet cleaning methods used today is called “steam carpet cleaning.” This type of carpet service uses a truck-mounted carpet extractor that utilizes hot water extraction which has been heated up in order for them to be able to draw out dirt, germs, mold spores, and other pollutants embedded deep within the fibers of your carpet.

First, we apply a pre-spray solution to remove any tough stains or set-in dirt that may have accumulated on your carpet over time. Next, we use high-pressure hot water extraction equipment to extract up to 95% of the dirty water from deep within your carpet fibers without damaging them as traditional vacuuming methods do. Our final step is applying a post-spray solution to help the carpet dry faster and leave a fresh, clean scent in your home.

The process starts with an initial pre-treatment using enzymatic products or high-pressure water sprays followed by gentle agitation with a heavy-duty vacuum machine. These two steps will loosen any soil from your carpeting so they can then be extracted away by the powerful suction of this professional equipment. This carpet hygiene process normally takes about an hour for a standard-sized home order to complete the steps mentioned above.

In addition, carpet steam cleaners will also use antimicrobial or sanitizer solution as well which helps adhere dirt and germs onto the fibers of your carpet so they cannot escape back up into the air where you can breathe them in and get sick from them! Even if you try not to touch any of these common spores that are found on furniture and other surfaces inside your house, some people would still be exposed to it just by breathing it in every day. Carpet steam cleaners include this important step because they know how dangerous these types of fungi spores are to human health. When combined with their carpet extractor system, carpet steam cleaners are able to produce a carpet that is not only clean but sanitized and safe as well!

How Long Does It Last?

It depends on the type of carpet and how often it’s used. A well-made commercial grade will last about four to six years, whereas a residential quality could be as little as three or four months.

What’s The Cost?

If a professional carpet cleaner is used, then the life and quality of your carpets will last longer. The cost of having them professionally cleaned varies depending on where you live (city or suburb), but generally speaking, it would be worth it to have them professionally cleaned every year for commercial grade carpets and once a year for residential. Give us a call to provide you with carpet cleaning Debary fl, we will be more than pleasing to help you.

Why Is It Important?

The average homeowner should vacuum their home about twice per week with an upholstery attachment that has rotating brushes at each end. This will remove both surface dirt as well as any pet hair from furniture and drapes that’s present in your house. It also helps remove dust mites, which can cause allergic reactions like asthma or hay fever if they’re not removed frequently enough.

What’s The Bottom Line?

The carpet Hygenic process may seem daunting, but the steps involved are actually very simple. With a little preparation and our help, you can be sure that your carpet is clean in no time!

Next time you need carpet cleaning in the area, give us a call! We’ll deliver our fast quality service to take care of all your carpet needs. As our team of professionals is approved and verified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IIRC). Many of our competitors, who don’t have this certification can not be trusted with providing high-quality steam cleaning without any professional certification by an Institute. We give you peace of mind knowing that you can trust us with our carpet hygiene.

Discounts are available for Law Enforcement, Military, Nurses, and seniors. Be sure to mention this when you call.

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