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Our carpet cleaning technician carpet cleaning a customers house in Deltona, Fl.Are your carpets dirty? Do you have stains in your carpet that you tried to remove that won’t seem to come out no matter what you use?

Have you hired a carpet cleaning company in the past that didn’t seem to get your carpets clean? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I want to introduce you to my carpet cleaning Deltona business, The Steam Master Florida LLC. At The Steam Master, our carpet cleaning technicians are trained by industry experts to provide your home or business with the best thorough cleaning possible.

Before we start cleaning your carpets, we first perform a carpet audit to gather important information about your carpet’s current state. Our audit includes the type of carpet, type of stains, condition of your carpet, traffic patterns, and room measurements. This information helps us to provide our customers with accurate pricing and the method of recommended cleaning for your rugs. Once we go over this information, we begin our first step by vacuuming the carpets to be cleaned. After that, we spray a pre-spray down to help by breaking down the stains, soils, and contaminants embedded in your carpet. We then agitate the pre-spray into your carpet to get deep down into the carpet fibers.

Once we complete the first three steps, we then begin by cleaning your carpet by steam cleaning (hot water extraction). We do not use actual steam during the cleaning process. Steam cleaning is a term heavily used in carpet cleaning. Our machine shoots hot water deep down into your rug to kill germs and bacteria, remove soils, contaminants, and critters hidden in your carpet. Hot water extraction is a cleaning process recommended by Shaw Floors, a carpet manufacturer. We then extract all the water and gunk from your carpet using our carpet cleaning wand, which shoots water as well as removes dirty water simultaneously. Our machine is equipped with the most powerful suction on the market today, which helps dry your carpets faster than our competitors, getting your carpets dry in hours as opposed to days. We know that some of our competitors charge ridiculously low prices that are so low it’s unbelievable. You have even probably used some of these companies. There are some carpet cleaners in the area that give the real professionals a bad name. 

If you are looking for a cheap brush off the dirt service, please find another company. We are a premium carpet cleaning provider.  With that said, we only use the best carpet cleaning chemicals on the market. We aren’t the cheapest in the area or the most expensive.  We don’t skimp on the right chemicals that will help your carpets get the best cleaning possible. Would you want to pay someone to come into your home or business to clean your carpets with just water? Or use some cheap chemicals which may void your carpet warranty or even hurt your family, pets, or employees? Of course not. What do you get when you choose us? You get a company that has integrity and has its employees trained by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, a standard-setting non-profit organization, who is the top trainer in our industry. All carpet cleaning companies should have at a minimum, employees trained by the IICRC, be bonded and insured, and use the best equipment and chemicals. We have various specials or coupons going on all the time, which we will apply automatically to all of our customers. 

We service these zip codes:  32725, 32728, 32738, 32739



Carpet cleaning is determined by the sq. footage of the carpet, the material, and the method of cleaning recommended. Please call us at (407)777-0124 or by filling out our Free Estimate Form.

We use hot water extraction equipment onsite to spray hot water deep inside your carpet fibers. This method is recommended by Shaw Industries, one of the top carpet manufacturers. 

The word steam cleaning is heavily used in the carpet cleaning industry. There is not an actual carpet cleaning method which uses steam. The most preferred method recommended by the top carpet manufacturers is hot water extraction. The machine heats up water to 200 degrees fahrenheit and high psi is used to shoot water deep down into the rug. A powerful suction is then used to remove water and help drying. Note: We use a lower psi for intricate carpets. Lower psi is to protect the fiber and does not affect the quality of the cleaning.

The prices for our services vary for different cleaning methods. We charge extra to remove pet urine, red dyes, or hard to remove stains.

All of our carpet cleaning packages comes with basic pre-spray and pre spotting most of the time this is all you need. 

We use a regular carpet cleaning wand to clean your carpet.

For the tough dirty jobs we recommend the use of our t-rex carpet cleaning wand. This is a rotational based carpet cleaning extraction tool which includes a spinning head that rotates and shoots hot water and provides suction simultaneously in addition to the brush it removes those pesky stains that wouldn’t come out otherwise. * This comes with an additional cost.

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