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Accidents happen, and natural wear and tear gets your carpets in desperate need of washing. When you need carpet cleaning in Enterprise, Fl we are the ones to call. No one else brings the same level of experience and expertise to each carpet cleaning.

Because we don’t just clean your carpets, enterprise fl, we employ hot water extraction techniques that blast dirt, contaminants, and pet stains. The first thing we do upon arriving on the scene is carefully examine the carpets for visible signs of stress and stains. Then we make use of uv light to detect dirt and pet urine that might not be visible to the human eye. We undergo this inspection with forensic precision for absolute quality.

We recommend vacuuming before our arrival, but we will vacuum the carpet before actually carpet cleaning. This removes loose debris in preparation for the deep clean.

Those stains we identified before are now treated with a pre-spray treatment. This treatment is both pet and people safe and ensures an even clean.

With the preliminary steps done, we can begin the steam cleaning. Our water is heated to a point between 212 and 240 degrees, hot enough that the water can fully penetrate carpet. This is where the name hot water extraction comes from: the super-heated water pulls out the embedded dirt and stains. This guarantees a complete surface to surface clean. The dirty water is stored and disposed of away from your residence. Once we’ve finished with the water the carpets are dried from anywhere between 2 to 6 hours.

Not only are our methods recognized as the best the industry has to offer, our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IIRC). This certification isn’t required; it’s just how seriously we take the responsibility of cleaning your carpets. We say that we’re the best in the business and we have the paperwork to prove it.

On top of regular carpet cleaning, we offer specialty pet urine and odor removal services coupled with factory carpet protector. These come with an additional fee.

With our combination of optimal technological methods and above-and-beyond certifications, no one doing carpet cleaning in Enterprise, Fl is on the same level. Don’t be disappointed asking the other guys first. Let our incomparable customer service and professional dedication work for you!

Discounts are available for Law Enforcement, Military, Nurses, and seniors. Be sure to mention this when you call.

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