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The Steam Master Florida LLC is a Geneva, Florida-based family-owned-operated carpet, upholstery, floor, and tile cleaning business. We provide professional upholstery, floor care, and carpet cleaning in Geneva, FL, and surrounding areas for residential and commercial customers. Our technicians are trained and certified to clean carpets, furniture, and floors with the best cleaning solutions available in order to provide our clients with a healthy home or office.


Don’t trust the carpet cleaning to just any company who offers the “best” deal. Some companies don’t have the proper equipment or certified employees to give the best cleaning results possible. You have heard the saying sometimes you get what you pay for? In the carpet cleaning industry that can sometimes be the case. Think about it. Can a local carpet cleaning company stay in business with today’s gas prices, vehicle and business insurance, city, and state licenses, use the best cleaning solutions and equipment available, and still provide a great carpet cleaning at the unusual bottom of the barrel pricing? Of course not.

I assure you one of several scenarios will play out. They will show up with minimal equipment, will cut corners by not using the right cleaning solutions, or will bait and switch you giving you the very best price on the phone that is cheaper than several companies you may have called. Bait and switch is a scheme using advertising at very unusual low pricing of for example $75.00 for an entire home carpet cleaning. No carpet cleaning company can operate for that price. Most carpet cleaning companies have a minimum dollar amount including the big name companies you see on tv and hear about on the radio.

Our minimum rate before we come out to clean is between $100 to $150.00. This means that the price of the job will be around the minimum before we come out and clean. This is the going rate for many carpet cleaning companies. You can find this out by calling around and asking what the going minimum rates are. If one of them is significantly lower than the rest ask yourself why? Check out online reviews and do the homework. Don’t fall victim to possible scams. We have yet to hear about anyone offering that low of a price that did a great job or there wasn’t some type of problem.


At The Steam Master Florida LLC, we provide a superior Geneva, Fl carpet cleaning service at affordable rates. We provide free estimates for all of our customers’ projects. We also provide the highest level of customer service while placing a premium on the quality of our work for your home or office.

While dust and dirt may seem insignificant, consider the damage caused to your carpet. It penetrates the fibers and contaminates them. However, you are not obligated to live under these conditions.

We are all aware that clean carpets improve the appearance of a home or office – and they also make you feel better too! Dirty carpets will be deep cleaned and refreshed in no time with our Carpet Cleaning Geneva, FL service! When you make an appointment with us, we will visit your home or office and assist you in removing built-up grime from your carpeting. Our cleaning professionals use biodegradable products that are safe for children, pets, and people with allergies or asthma. We don’t use harmful products as some companies do. We actually care about you and you’re well-being.

Whether you require a thorough cleaning or a simple touch-up, we can provide a high-quality service tailored to your specific requirements.

Let us protect your home or business from dirt and grime! Contact US TODAY AT 407-777-0124 OR CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US VIA OUR CONTACT FORM 

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