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Are you looking for a professional carpet cleaning company in Longwood, Florida that can make the carpets in your home or place of business sparkling clean and fresh? If yes, have no fear for The Steam Master Florida LLC is here. We are a full-service carpet cleaning company that can handle any and all of your carpet cleaning needs. We serve both residential and business clients around Longwood. All of our cleaning techs have 25 plus years of experience to provide you with the best cleaning solution possible. We can honestly say that if we cant remove the stains and nasty contaminants from your carpet then no other company can. In addition to making sure you select a company like ours that has the knowledge and expertise in carpet cleaning, you want to make sure they are certified. Certification is offered by the Carpet and Rug Institute and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration.

Certified, Bonded and Insured 

Many companies in Florida aren’t certified. That means that they didn’t attend the best training to know how to properly mix cleaning solutions or learn the best cleaning techniques and stain removal methods. Do you

really want a cleaning person mixing chemicals incorrectly that can harm you, your loved ones, or your pets? These chemicals aren’t regulated by an agency and some of them are highly toxic. I wouldn’t want that sprayed in my carpet for us all to breathe. At The Steam Master Florida LLC, all of the cleaning chemicals we use are safe for family and pets and are the best in the industry.

We want to make sure you, your family, pets, and our employees are safe at all times. So what do you get when you select the cheapest person/ company to clean your carpets? Someone who probably isn’t qualified to be cleaning in the first place. You have heard of the term you get what you pay for. In this business you truly do. We know what each and our qualified competitors charge. What we found is that there is an average per room or sq foot of carpet cleaning. Be very careful in those cheap coupons that you get in the mail that have ridiculous cheap prices. Either they will try to bait and switch you when they get into your home and upcharge for the basic cleaning chemicals, use shoddy equipment to clean your carpets, or use dollar store chemicals. Dollar store chemicals do not sell the right solutions to not void your warranty on your carpets.

If you own your own carpet cleaning business would you charge $9.99 a room and drive from a faraway city to clean carpets? Figure in the cost of gas, equipment, cleaning chemicals, and overhead. You wouldn’t be able to survive. In our current economy with the high price of everything those costs just keep going up. You don’t have to heed the warning. If rock bottom prices are what you prefer then we aren’t the right company for you. That’s it. We aren’t the most expensive but we aren’t the cheapest company either.

We are #1 in the area

So what do you get when you choose our company? We have 25 plus years of experience, use the best cleaning solutions, and offer faster drying times than most carpet cleaning companies in the area. We have a satisfaction guarantee and guarantee our work. What we can’t guarantee is that every stain will be removed from your carpet. It’s impossible and depends on what caused the stain and how long it’s been on your carpet. Many stains become permanent as soon as they happen or within a length of time. Our carpet cleaning technician would let you know prior to the cleaning if it will or will not come out. Extra fees associated with cleaning carpets are dye stain removal and urine and pet stain removal, and factory protectant. These are standard are extras in this industry due to either added labor or chemical cost.

Most of the time a basic carpet cleaning is all you need. Steam cleaning (aka Hot Water Extraction), pre-spotting, and pre-spraying are standard in our cleaning package. Prior to the cleaning of your carpet, our technician will inspect your carpet using a UV light to detect hidden stains or urine in your carpet. Urine re-activates when you introduce water to the bacteria and will begin to smell. This smell can linger FOREVER especially if it’s humid. We will give you the option to not pay for the urine treatment but in order for us to clean, you will need to sign our disclaimer and no satisfaction guarantee agreement. We always do as our customer wants even though we may not be in agreement with the option you go with. We offer different cleaning packages for you to choose from.

If you want the best Longwood carpet cleaner all us 407-777-0124 OR CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US VIA OUR CONTACT FORM 

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