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Many South Daytona home and business owners who feel they can clean their carpets without hiring a professional risk higher costs in the long run: Improper handling of a consumer- or commercial-grade wet carpet cleaner by someone who doesn’t have experience can damage the padding under the carpet and the floor beneath the padding. If someone rents a wet cleaner, they risk potentially using a damaged one that breaks carpet fibers or leaves behind dark, hard-to-remove marks and streaks. Someone without experience can even potentially oversaturate the carpet to the point that they create an environment within the carpet fibers and pad humid enough to promote mold growth, which can make their home or business unsafe and lead to costly remediation efforts in the future.

Never worry about these types of scenarios again. Our team at The Steam Master Florida LLC can clean most carpets within [2-5 hours] at an affordable, budget-friendly price without causing unsightly damage or creating future problems.

Why choose us over our competitors?

A True Deep Clean

Some cleaning companies use consumer-grade carpet cleaners filled with cold water or, worse yet, only clean with a consumer- or commercial-grade dry vacuum cleaner. Every one of our technicians have been certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IIRC), formerly the International Institute of Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Inc., for providing the best possible services related to professional cleaning and restoration of floor coverings. We perform the type of deep, hot water extraction or steam cleaning that carpet manufacturers recommend.

One of the easiest ways to kill

dangerous bacteria, allergenic dust mites and other microorganisms and break up and remove pollen, stains, soil, pet urine and fecal matter and other debris is with very hot water. We guarantee that we use hot water set to between 212 and 240 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to the rest of our cleaning process very hot water is key to kill and remove the nasty contaminants from your carpet. 

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

We want you to know before you ever meet one or more of our technicians in person the exact steps we take to restore and beautify a carpet with our deep cleaning services. That way, you’re prepared to ask us any additional questions related to these steps before you schedule an appointment:

– Inspection: Before we begin cleaning, we inspect every part of your carpet. We check for traffic and wear patterns to see where carpet fibers might need the most restoration work. We also attempt to identify stains since some types require unique cleaning methods. With this in mind, we use a UV light to look for various ones, including pet stains, that the human eye can’t detect without assistance.

– Recommendation: We then outline with you our recommendations for cleaning your specific carpet. Depending on the carpet cleaning package that you select, we might recommend that you vacuum before our technicians arrive as well. Otherwise, we dry vacuum before the deep clean to help loosen soil, dander, hair, small rocks and other debris.

– Pre-Treatment: Once our technicians arrive or completes the dry vacuuming, they pre-treat all stains on the carpet using a spray-on solution that’s specially formulated for use around children and pets. It leaves behind no harmful residues.

– Extraction: They then use our hot-water extraction equipment to deep clean the carpet fibers to remove all debris and hazardous contaminates that transfer from the soles of shoes to a carpet, such as toxic chemicals. Our process also deodorizes the carpet by removing the awful odors that form over time from food particles, skin oils, pet urine and other sources. A carpet usually takes approximately two-to-six hours to dry.

Our team cares about protecting the environment. We never dispose of dirty, contaminated water down a home or business drain allowing the contaminates to enter the waste disposal and water system. Instead, we carefully remove the tank and contaminated water off site for special disposal.

Trusted Local Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Our team at The Steam Master Florida LLC takes pride in providing South Daytona home and business owners with high-quality, deep-penetration carpet cleaning services. We do more than clean your carpets and renew their appearance. We use our combined knowledge and years of experience to restore carpet fibers so that your carpet lasts longer. Not every carpet cleaner in this industry has the knowledge and experience we offer. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call or email a member of our experienced staff today.


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