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Carpet Cleaning: Give your carpet a ‘like-new’ look

Carpets may look clean on the surface, but deep down, there are allergens, bacteria, and dirt that will spoil your day, give you allergies, and other serious health issues. The Steam Master Florida has been in business for over 20 years and has seen firsthand the many benefits of professional carpet cleaning services.

5 reasons to love your carpet through expert carpet cleaning.

Get a light and airy space.

No odor, no unsightly spots.

Dirty carpets only add gloom to your space. They make a room feel cluttered, and the air is anything but fresh. On the other hand, a clean, soil-free carpet gives your room an airy and light presence that you’d enjoy calling your home or office.

Have less of the Traffic Lane effect.

The traffic lane effect is used to describe the areas on your carpet that are darker and dirtier. Carpet traffic lanes are typical in places with high foot traffic and activity, such as the hallways. The Steam Master Florida takes extra special care while cleaning these dark spots to restore your carpet to its former glory.

Reduce the chances of permanent stains.

Carpet stains are awfully embarrassing, not to mention unsightly. With the help of a certified carpet cleaning company, you’ll clear out stains in a less stressful process using effective commercial cleaning agents and the hot water extraction process.  

Steam Masters carpet cleaning process.

1. Carpet Inspection

Our carpet technicians inspect your home or office carpets to determine the condition, stain extent, and the fiber. Inspection is the best time for us to address your concerns- show us the stains that rile you, the traffic areas riddled with age, and we’ll do our best to provide a solution. We then discuss the best cleaning method that suits your carpet and set your most convenient time for cleanup.

2. Vacuuming

Next, we perform  thorough vacuuming to loosen the dirt and remove the top-layer dust to make the cleaning process more manageable.

3. Move light furniture

At your go ahead, we remove the light and fragile items from the room to get a better cleaning angle and avert accidents. We’ll return all furniture once cleaning is over.

4. Conditioning and treatment

Before the cleaning process, we condition and treat spots and high traffic lanes to loosen and break up the tough stains. Our cleaning products are eco-friendly, family, and pet-safe. 

5. Cleaning

We use a hot water extraction cleaner to clean the carpet, leaving no spot untouched. The water is at 200 degrees, high enough to get rid of stains and dirt yet conducive to preserve your carpet make and fibers. Our high-power industrial-grade machine makes the rinsing process easier, faster, and residual free. You won’t have to agonize over long drying hours because our hot water extraction system has high suction power for quicker drying.

6. Rake carpet fibers

Sloppy fibers give your carpet a dull and unfinished look. We use a quality rake to undo matted fibers and give your carpet a bright, finished appearance. 

7. Spray deodorizer(Optional)

Although our cleaning procedure will rid all carpet odors, some homeowners may prefer a particular scent. Steam Master Florida has spray deodorant options that you can select from.

8. Post cleaning Inspection.

After Cleaning, clients inspect the carpet to determine if we met their expectations. It rarely happens, but if you are unsatisfied with our services, we offer a re-clean of the affected spot(s) at no extra costs.



Carpet cleaning is determined by the sq. footage of the carpet, the material, and the method of cleaning recommended. Please call us at (407)777-0124 or by filling out our Free Estimate Form.

We use hot water extraction equipment onsite to spray hot water deep inside your carpet fibers. This method is recommended by Shaw Industries, one of the top carpet manufacturers. 

The word steam cleaning is heavily used in the carpet cleaning industry. There is not an actual carpet cleaning method which uses steam. The most preferred method recommended by the top carpet manufacturers is hot water extraction. The machine heats up water to 200 degrees fahrenheit and high psi is used to shoot water deep down into the rug. A powerful suction is then used to remove water and help drying. Note: We use a lower psi for intricate carpets. Lower psi is to protect the fiber and does not affect the quality of the cleaning.

The prices for our services vary for different cleaning methods. We charge extra to remove pet urine, red dyes, or hard to remove stains.

All of our carpet cleaning packages comes with basic pre-spray and pre spotting most of the time this is all you need. 

We use a regular carpet cleaning wand to clean your carpet.

For the tough dirty jobs we recommend the use of our t-rex carpet cleaning wand. This is a rotational based carpet cleaning extraction tool which includes a spinning head that rotates and shoots hot water and provides suction simultaneously in addition to the brush it removes those pesky stains that wouldn’t come out otherwise. * This comes with an additional cost.


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