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Importance of Disinfection and Sanitization Services in Central Florida

The global COVID-19 outbreak has left many people scrambling to understand and find ways to protect themselves, their families, and businesses. Unfortunately, the fast-spreading of the virus has caught many people even in a relatively affected state like Florida off guard. However, with the right disinfection and sanitization protocol, it is possible to get rid of the virus from your home, office, or establishment.

Interestingly the coronavirus isn’t the only virus or germ you should be protected against. It is estimated that there are dozens of highly infectious and deadly diseases that can be life threatening. So, a professional sanitization and disinfection service in Florida like ours can ensure that everything, including the COVID-19 virus, is removed.

How Our Professionals Clean The COVID-19 Virus?

Over the past couple of month’s, we’ve watched as the deadly virus has become a global pandemic. The highly infectious disease can be eliminated from surfaces like your tables, floors, walls, etc. However, it is important to bear in mind that the virus can survive on most surfaces for up to a week, and those infected will infect others even if they haven’t started showing symptoms yet.

Our approach to disinfection and sanitization in Central Florida is as per the CDC’s guidelines. Here are a couple of things we do:

  • Our team walks through every inch of space, cleaning, and disinfecting the property.
  • We protect ourselves by wearing personal protective equipment as well as a complete facemask respirator.
  • We start by using a highly potent disinfectant used by the CDC and is registered by the EPA. The substance kills a broad spectrum of infectious viruses, including COVID-19.
  • All the equipment we use, i.e., trucks, tanks, waste areas, etc. adhere to the strict protocols set out by the coronavirus demobilization procedure.

A Fully Certified Service

Our services are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC). We also adhere to all OSHA regulations and strictly follow all procedures when it comes to disinfecting the location of the coronavirus.

Since the COVID-19 is still new, and information is changing almost every day, we continue to consult with the CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) to remain updated with the latest recommended solutions. Plus, as mentioned above, all chemicals for disinfection are approved by the EPA and CDC.

Coronavirus Cleaning isn’t Your Standard Sanitization Service

You might assume that cleaning the coronavirus is just like standard cleaning, but that’s untrue. Both services are very different. Cleaning the coronavirus is technically referred to as biohazard remediation, which refers to cleaning, removal, and disinfecting bodily fluids, blood, and malicious pathogens, which may be in the vicinity. If not cleaned properly, they could be the cause of a pandemic outbreak.

Since there is a risk of exposure to pathogens, biohazard cleaning, or remediation in Florida, this is a specialty service. It requires training, certification, the latest equipment, and, most of all, a license.

Only Hire Trusted Professionals

Whether you are a home or business owner, now is the time to call us for professional disinfection and sanitization to keep everyone safe. We have years of experience in this industry and can assure you of thorough disinfection that ensures everyone remains safe.

Please Read: Though we do our very best to disinfect and sanitize, our service is strictly preventative and is not guaranteed. We only use EPA approved hospital grade disinfectant with broad spectrum kill that mentions coronavirus. Though we are confident that this does what is intended, we cannot guarantee that this will kill this specific strain of Coronavirus, as the new virus has not been tested against disinfectants on the market. 

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