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Maintaining your floor’s appearance is paramount for long-lasting efficiency, and floor stripping & waxing is the process for the job. Almost any type of commercial flooring can be cleaned, stripped, treated, and shined up with our professional floor maintenance. Additionally, floor stripping & waxing cleans up any high fast-traffic areas, making them safer for your tenants or customers.

What is Floor Stripping?

Floor stripping is the very first process of maintenance cleaning on surfaces. The process broadly highlights the total removal of all mud, dirt, and/or previous waxes.


Floor Waxing is a professional detailing technique that employs a specialized chemical preparation known as floor wax to clean and shine often-touched and walked surfaces like concrete, cor laminate, and tile floors. Whether applying floor waxing machines, hand applications, pads, or tools, we at The Steam Master FL use only superior products to deliver only the most effective, long-lasting results.

Serving as a protective layer, floor stripping & waxing gives the floor surface a high resistance to wear – noticeable in the way routine cleaning can be ineffective, and the floor shows signs of grime. There comes a certain point every once in a while where stripping and waxing must be done in order to keep the floor at its best condition. When this stage is reached, using the right materials for the job enables us to prevent the flooring’s damages from getting any worse.

Our Process:

  1. Apply the cleaning agent (ammoniated or non ammoniated floor stripper)
  2. Let sit for approximately 30 minutes (letting the cleaning agent break down the wax, dirt, and girme)
  3. Use a scrubbing machine to scrub floors and strip them of old wax and grime (professional use recommended)
  4. Edging by hand to miss any hard to reach spots
  5. Wet vac all the water and cleaning agent
  6. Neutralize the floor with a citric acid base cleaner.
  7. Wet vac the neutralizer and let dry.
  8. Next, mop the floor to remove any leftover chemicals and debris and wet vac again.
  9. Use  high speed air movers to completely dry floors 
  10. We dry dust mop the floor to make sure there are no left over contaminants
  11. Apply three layers of finish to seal and and protect the floor.

Why Choose Us?

There are plenty of recognizable franchising organizations; however, not all of them are made alike, and an unskilled service can really hurt the floors rather than help them—the skilled professionals at The Steam Master, FL. We operate on jobs utilizing the highest quality surface area expert items so as to yield lengthy sustaining resetting and lustrous outcomes. With the ability to do work at any time and any day, the team member at The Steam Master FL can handle all types of Floor Stripping & Waxing, including the most complex and challenging areas of all types.

Our technicians will take great pride in working diligently with our customers to provide an outstanding experience and are available to talk as needed. All of our floor work is done with precision, attention to detail, and respect for professionalism.

Using only the very best in floor stripping and waxing equipment on the market, combined with our extensive training, expert knowledge and first-hand practical experience, best chemicals, our professional cleaning team is able to obtain the highest level of quality possible for all our clients. This means that we offer nothing but top quality at a rate that’s guaranteed to be hard to beat.

Contact us today 407-777-0124 to engage with our in-house team of professionals, and show your business in a way that best demonstrates you and your business’ capabilities.

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