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If your are getting your carpets cleaned and or upholstery please locate all the stains you want to point to us prior to our arrival.

Pick up anything off the floors or upholstery so we can begin cleaning once we arrive.

Move all breakable furniture to a safe location.

If you have small furniture please move it out of the way.

Though we are pet owners and pet lovers please have your pets put away prior to our arrival. We don't want your pet escaping as we come in and out of the house.
We may move light furniture like small tables, chairs, etc. We don't move heavy furniture, electronics, or breakables of any kind due to insurance regulations.

Furniture moving is responsibility of customer which will need to be done prior to our arrival. Moving furniture during a cleaning will result on additional fees for extra time added to cleaning. Companies that offer to move furniture will charge extra for that service.
Carpets take an average of 4 to 8 hours to dry. This also depends on level of humidity. Please run your air conditioner to assist in speedy dry times. The air conditioner helps remove the moisture from the air and carpet. Leaving windows or doors open will prolong dry times.

Carpets will still be wet after a cleaning. We do offer very low moisture cleanings but this all depends on the level of soiling in the home.
We understand things happen from time to time and are unavoidable at times. Though we don't take a deposit at the front end we ask that you provide at least two days notice prior to cancelation.

If given enough notice we can re-shedule you to a better day and time. We hold your spot for you when you book with us and don't cancel you on a whim. Last second cancelations hurts our business.

When we fill your spot we prevent any other person from taking your slot. When a last minute cancelation happens, that spot becomes empty and we are out revenue. We are a small family business trying to provide just like everyone else. In order to keep prices in check we ask for your consideration prior to booking with us. Get your quotes and cross check your availability prior to booking with us.

A last second cancelation will either result in a $50.00 cancelation fee. Before we schedule and appointment this is agreed to prior to booking with us via an electronic form.

Last minute cancelations that want to reschedule will need to make $50.00 deposit upfront before getting on the schedule. Deposits are subtracted from total cost of bill.

Carpet manufacturers recommend carpets be steam cleaned every six months. Depending on how new your carpets are this may be a requirement to keep the warranty active for newer carpets.

Carpets that are older should be cleaned at least twice a year if they have heavy traffic and or you want to maintain the life of your carpet.
If we provided you with an estimate that estimate is what the price will be unless something wasn't divulged prior to the cleaning appointment. For example, if we provided a quote and was told there was no pet stains but the black light shows otherwise or there fowl odors are present, there would be additional cost to clean.

Pet stains need to be treated topically or flushed in order to remove the smells and or stains. Simple carpet cleaning will not remove any bad odors or kill bacteria causing odors.

Any extra fees would have to be agreed to by you prior to cleaning. We reserve the right to refuse anyone for service.

We do not have any hidden fees. We do have additional fees for different or extra services. If extras are wanted during a cleaning that was not agreed to during the estimate there will be an additional charge.
Please call or fill out the contact or estimate form for pricing. We do not list prices online as prices change from time to time. We are always offering specials so please contact us for more information.
We offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. All we ask that you allow us to re-clean the affected area/s. If for some reason you still aren't satisfied we will refund you for that area.

Full stain removal during any cleaning is not guaranteed as they can become permanent over time. We always attempt to remove all stains but there are times stains will not come out no matter how hard we try. This is true for any company you choose to do your cleaning.

There will be no refunds for stains that are unable to be removed.
We have over 26 years experience in all of the services we offer. All of our technicians are classroom trained by top experts in the field.

They are required to attend these trainings and pass in order to be certified yearly. In addition, they have extensive hands on experience prior to being released on their own.

All employees go through background checks, credit checks, and drug screenings,
Cleaning business in the state of Florida don't require a license for cleaning unless it is biohazard cleaning or mold remediation.

We have tax certificates provided by the state, county, and city which gives us the license to provide our cleaning services to residential and commercial customers.

We are fully insured and our business is registered with the state of Florida.

You can check out our business information with the state here:

Simply copy and paste that link into your internet browser. Once you do you will see a box. Just enter our business name The Steam Master Florida LLC and you will be able to see our active status.

For further questions please reach out to us 407-777-0124.
Our cleaning equipment is truck mounted. We have the ability to go portable if needed for high rises or long hose runs.

There are some companies that bring portable machines inside the home for all of their cleanings. Truck mounted equipment is WAY more powerful and offers a much better clean.

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