Pet Stain & Odor Removal

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    Expert Pet Stain & Odor Removal

    As much as you love your pet(s), you have to admit that dealing with pet stains and odor is not a walk in the park, especially when your concoctions and industry products seem not to work. The cleaning process will irritate you more when the odor and stains persist even after the time and energy you spent trying to clean off the stain.

    The solution is closer than you think. The Steam Master Florida will come to your rescue. Our pet stain and odor removal techniques have proven to be successful with most homeowners.

    What sets us apart is our detailed continuous training and experience: We know the do’s, the don’ts, and the practical methods and cleaning products that yield a clean, odorless room.

    A top-surface cleanup will not be as effective when removing pet stains. Odor and stains may penetrate deeper than you would have imagined spilling over the carpet fibers and onto the floorboards resulting in hard to remove or permanent stains.

    To counter difficult stains, you need to clean the small accidents when they happen. On most occasions, you may be unaware of the accidents or too busy to notice the stains. In such circumstances, only strong odors indicate that there was a dreaded accident, and now the floors, furniture, or carpet need a thorough cleaning by a professional company.



    At the inspection, we use UV light to discover the hidden pet urine stains on surfaces that are easy to bypass.

    Next, we mist the stain by spraying a chemical solution to begin breaking down the stains

    Next we pour an emulsifying solution over the affected area to flood the stain all the way down to the carpet padding. We then use our pet urine tool to remove all the solutions and pull all of the moisture, urine, and cleaning agents.

    To give the room a fresh new scent, we deep clean the affected surface with pressured, hot water flushes that remove the residual matter and the odor. If the client is interested, we use a deodorant to amplify the fresh scent after cleaning.

    Note: We don’t use the deodorant to cover up any underlying smells. We only use it once you are satisfied that the pet urine odor is no more.

    The Steam Master Florida stain removal process clears your house of the odor and transforms your carpets, floors, and upholstered furniture from sullied to polished in a matter of hours.



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