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To protect and preserve your carpets and your family’s health you need to call in a reliable carpet cleaning service that uses state-of-the-art equipment combined with hot water extraction and mild cleaning agents. We can help. Our extensive experience gives us the know-how to clean almost any type of carpet, remove deep, embedded dirt, and make your carpet look new again.

Our reliable carpet cleaning De Leon Springs technicians will bring out the colors in all of your carpet fibers and keep your carpets dust and pollen-free. The key to getting a great cleaning is to know what to expect from your service provider. The following guide explains the cleaning process and what you should expect.


Prior to a hot water extraction cleaning process, our expert will inspect your carpets. He will walk through the home and look for food and pet stains that may be difficult to remove with standard cleaning solvents. Upon inspecting the carpet, we will determine which cleaning agents will work best on your carpeting.

We will then discuss with you the special removal process for stained areas, pet urine marks, or any other special steam cleaning needs.

Protecting Furniture and Areas

Before our carpet cleaning De Leon Springs expert begins the steam cleaning process, we will take necessary precautions and protect mats, furniture, and other areas that could stain with moving blankets and corner guards.

Spot Clean Stains

We will spot clean areas that have extensive dirt or staining. Our cleaning specialist will spot stains with special professional products that are safe for people. This process will loosen and remove them during the hot water extraction and cleaning process. It is important that we pay attention to stains like gum, pet urine, red spots, soda, and other hard-to-remove dirt areas.


We then apply a pretreatment solution to the entire carpet, one made for your specific type of carpet. This pretreatment will loosen dirt and help make the final cleaning easier. It will prevent the need for harsh products or for excessive scrubbing. The pre-treatment process is important and is the primary reason for the initial inspection. In the initial inspection, we determine the strength and type of pretreatment he needs to use.

Agitation and Extraction

After the pretreatment, we do the final cleaning with a special machine. We use a special machine to agitate and brush the carpet to break the soil and grease up and remove it from carpet fibers. These soft brushes do not damage the carpet fibers but offer enough agitation to remove the dirt.

Added Carpet Protection

As an additional service, we can apply a carpet protector to give you the best carpet cleaning protection and help your carpets remain stain resistant. The final step in the process is the drying process. This service is extra.

Post Cleaning Inspections
The final step is to reinspect the carpet and show you what the cleaning process was able to do. At this point, we check the carpet and offer any additional recommendations. Here we explain what they did and how to care for the newly cleaned carpet.


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