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Our steps to a clean healthy carpet

A professional carpet cleaning service is a necessary to provide your home with maximum cleanliness. It is also possible that dust mites, pet urine, and many other microscopic organisms in the carpet will lead to allergies and asthma attacks. Pet urine not only smells terrible but the smell can linger for long periods of time. The health problems caused by these microscopic organisms are not restricted to humans but can also affect animals and plants. For you to be sure that no harm will ever come to you and your family members, then hiring a professional carpet cleaning service in Heathrow, Fl to remove these nasty contaminants are paramount to your health and cleanliness of your carpets and rugs.

Pre-Inspection of your carpets

As a professional carpet cleaning company, we are able to identify problems quickly and efficiently. We inspect for damage as well as pet urine and stains not visible to the naked eye by the use of a UV light. An ultraviolet light or ultraviolet inspection is one of the most important things cleaning technicians can do for your carpets before carpet cleaning. This helps to ensure each and every stain or problematic ones such as pet urine are located and treated. 
Also, ultraviolet light can identify many different types of bacteria and mold that can live in your carpet. It can also detect any damage that may have occurred over time to the carpet, such as fraying. It can also help spot areas where a carpet has been lifted from the floor or one that has sunk in.
Note: Pet Urine Treatment comes at an additional cost and is not part of the basic carpet cleaning service due to the extra costs associated with the chemicals and extra labor. Please be honest with the carpet cleaning technician as they will notice the urine during the uv light inspection.

First Step Of Our Cleaning Process

At The Steam Master Florida LLC, we encourage regular vacuuming.This step is essential to avoid soil build-up in your carpet. It removes the soil build-up from your carpet, preventing them from getting stuck between the fibers as the carpet is washed.

When vacuuming, make sure that you reach all areas of the carpet. Do not miss a single area as even the slightest of soil can damage or worsen your carpet’s condition in a short amount of time. Though we recommend that the customer vacuum the carpet before our arrival, we vacuum the carpet a second time very slowly. This is to help remove additional loose soils, hair, dander, and debris.

Pre-spray Stage

Prior to hot water extracting (steam cleaning) your carpet a family and pet safe cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet and stained areas. This helps to break down soils, dirt, stains, bacteria and other contaminants. We then use a machine to mechanically agitate the cleaning solution deep into the carpet fiber. This ensures that even the deepest part of your carpet is efficiently cleaned during the cleaning stage.

Cleaning Stage using Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)

The carpet is then cleaned with our carpet cleaning wand using hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning. The water is heated between 212- 240 degrees to clean and sanitize your carpets. Due to the water being so hot, the steam is noticed in the cleaning of your carpet. The pressure produced by our truckmount carpet cleaning systems ensures that the water is shot deep into the carpet fibers and extracted by dual vacuum motors that are the best into the industry. The suction pulls out the nasty contaminants that are deeply embedded from your carpets and directly into our dirty water tank in our van. 


Although hiring cleaning professionals can cost more than the average homeowner’s budget, it will be worth all the money spent. At The Steam Master Florida LLC, we pride ourselves in being the best carpet cleaners in the business. Unlike other carpet cleaners, we not only have over twenty years of experience but are also certified. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IIRC) has approved our experts to offer the finest cleaning services. That is why our services are top-notch.

We also provide pet stain and odor removal and factory carpet protection, available for an extra charge.

Discounts are available for Law Enforcement, Military, Nurses, and seniors. Be sure to mention this when you call.

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