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As a homeowner in New Smyrna Beach, Fl, one of the ways to keep your home in pristine condition is to have your carpets cleaned once or twice a year. Though you can clean them yourself, you can void the warranty by the carpet manufacturer or have browning issues. It’s best to have a professional carpet cleaning company take care of this task for you. By using a reputable company like The Steam Master Florida LLC, you will be able to have this task completed quickly and efficiently.  We use only the best carpet cleaning methods and cleaning solutions to ensure your carpets come out cleaner and stay clean for a longer period of time.fresh carpets cleaned in a customers home in new smyrna beach. 

As a potential customer, it is important to learn about the carpet cleaning process so you can be aware of howe a carpet cleaning company can help you. Our company uses hot water extraction (steam cleaning) to clean the carpets in your home.  This method is the most recommended and preferred method which is recommended by most carpet makers. We use the best pre-sprays which helps to emulsify soil, dirt, and bacteria. We then use hot water extraction with very hot water between 212-240 degrees which is shot deep down into the carpet fibers and removed at the same time pulling out the hot water along with, soil, dirt, sand, bugs, hair, and bacteria. 

Our carpet cleaning process utilizes the best cleaning methods available today. You get our full service process no matter which package you choose. The only things we charge extra for is red and coffee dye removal, pet stains and urine treatment, and carpet protector. Unlike other companies who advertise unrealistic prices, we give you the best for a reasonable price. We have all seen these carpet cleaning companies falsely advertise single digit per room prices. When they get into your home then they hit you for this or that to bring the price up sometimes significantly higher than ours. This method is called bait and switch. Some people actually believe that a company is going to do a room for $8.00 when in fact it will end up being very high with all the extras. How can a company stay in business if that were the case? We offer specials from time to time so its best to call or email us to get a direct quote. 

So what do you get when you choose us?

Our basic carpet cleaning package includes vacuuming, basic stain removal, pre-spraying to break down contaminants, agitating the pre-spray into the carpet using a counter rotating brush, and cleaning using hot water extraction. After the cleaning we then use a carpet rake to straighten the carpet fibers. This also helps accelerate dry times. When comparing quotes do an apples for apples comparison. Without fail all these other companies don’t do what we do for the price. They will come in pre-spray, clean and leave. If you are more interested in the cheapest price instead of cleanliness and results please call another company. We are a local family owned business who actually cares more for the customers than providing shoddy services. Some other companies care more about volume work and less about the customer. They can afford to turn and burn clients who will probably not use them again. We want you to come back to us and over deliver to give you the best carpet cleaning service possible. 

Our cleaning steps:

Step 1:
We visually inspect the carpets to look for wear, traffic areas, and determine the types of stains and best methods to clean them. We then use a uv light to look for pet urine and stains not visible to the naked eye. We then inform the customer as to the best cleaning methods we will use and go over dye stains and pet urine if located. (Pet stains, dye removal, carpet protector are extra)
Step 2:
We vacuum your carpets  unless you have already done so to remove top level dirt, soil, hair, and sand.
Step 3:
We use pre spotters for basic stains then spray a pre-spray to break down stains and emulsify all contaminants.
Step 4:
Pre-spray is then agitated into the carpet to provide you with the best outcome. Though we do our very best to remove stains we dont guarantee full stain removal as sometimes they will never come out no matter what you do. If we cant get them out no other company can.
Step 5:
We then clean your carpet using very hot water shot deep down and removed to pull up all nasty dirt, stains, and grime. 
Step 6:
We then rake your carpet to help speed drying and correct carpet pile. 

What makes us stand out above our competition?

  1. We are certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute as well As the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. Why wouldn’t you want your carpet cleaning professional who is cleaning your carpets to be trained?
  2. Another advantage that we have over our competition is that we have over 20 years experience in the field.  
  3.  We attend yearly trainings to make sure we stay on top of new cleaning methods and cleaning chemicals to make sure we clean to our impeccable standards.

Call us today 407-777-0124 or click on Email Us to get a Free Quote. We offer law enforcement, military, nurse and senior discounts. Don’t delay call the professionals today!

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