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Carpets are an integral component in most homes and offices. People have continuously used carpets to enhance their interior aesthetic and maintain warmth where they spend the most time. Carpets are common in the sitting room at homes, whereas in offices, they are available inside offices.

Although carpets provide you with warmth and are sleek for modern living, they are prone to attracting and capturing dust particles; thus, requiring periodic maintenance. If carpets are left unattended for a more extended period, dust particles cling to the mat and provide a haven for bacteria and molds to thrive. In addition, carpets act like giant air filters and as people walk on the carpet, you begin to re-breathe the dust and soils that get kicked up into the air.

 Our company has built a solid reputation over the years for providing quality and competitive carpet cleaning services in Ormond Beach FL. Our company cleans all types of carpet and we specialize in hot water extraction for our cleaning services. Our method uses preheated hot water at the temperature of 212-240 degrees. This is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers. The use of hot water under pressure facilitates water penetration into deep carpet fibers. The hot water breaks down stains, debris, and bacteria which attendants remove by the cleaning action. The hot-water extraction cleaning is as follows:

1. Inspection

 Our cleaning procedures start with our technicians inspecting your home. Our company employs highly qualified personnel who are certified by Inspection of Cleaning and Restoration. The visit is crucial for helping the company have a deeper understanding of your cleaning needs. Our team also has the expertise to utilize ultraviolet light to detect stains not visible with your eyes. 

2. Vacuum Process ( Not included in all packages)

 When the client allows the company to proceed with cleaning services, our technician will start cleaning by conducting vacuum cleaning. The process involves using the vacuum cleaner to suck dust particles, hairs, debris, and loose soil present in the carpet. This also helps to loosen any soil and debris on the top level of the carpet.

3. Pre-Spray

 The technician will spray your carpet with family-safe solutions to help break down grease, soil, and debris particles firmly attached to carpet fibers. If the inspection process had identified pet stains, the cleaners would apply a unique pet-safe cleaning solution to remove the stain. Pet Treatment is extra and does not come standard in our basic carpet cleaning package.

4. Hot Water Extraction (AKA Steam Cleaning)

 Our technicians use hot water under pressure for cleaning once the solution used for pre-conditioning has adequate time to complete its action. Hot water is mixed with cleaning detergents and sprayed over the carpet to remove bacteria, molds, and pet urine. During steam cleaning, the carpet is cleaned deep down into the fibers to remove dirt, soil, debris, and stains that are embedded in the carpet.

 Hot water extraction remains the most effective method of washing carpets in homes and offices. According to manufacturer warranties, carpets need to be professionally cleaned twice a year. If you have brand new carpet and attempt to clean the carpet yourself, you automatically void the manufacturer warranty. 

Why risk voiding your warranty or browning your carpet by applying too much water? Leave the cleaning to the professionals who are certified and know how to correct any issues that may arise. 

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