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It is a well-known fact that all carpet stains are not alike. Not all techniques used to clean your carpet are the same. Not all technicians who advertise their cleaning services are certified. That means that the results that you get can vary, possibly, causing you to lose time and money. You deserve the very best in carpet cleaning services that can, also, make allowances for the health and safety of family and pets. You deserve the knowledge and experience of certified specialists that we make available to you when you choose carpet cleaning ponce inlet fl.

Expectation and Certification

Your carpet is a major investment. Our experts take that fact very seriously. That means that your expectations are, rightfully, high. We accept the challenge and leave nothing to chance. Both knowledge and experience are important assets that enable a technician to do a good job. However, it is the time that our experts have taken to earn specific credentials that can guarantee the best cleaning experience for your carpet. Because we use technicians that have been certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IIRC), you can be sure of receiving a superior cleaning experience, for your carpet, every time. Regardless of the nature of the discoloration of the carpet, when you choose carpet cleaning ponce inlet fl, you can rely on our experts to provide carpet cleaning that exceeds your expectations. Our experienced, knowledgeable, and certified technicians use a carpet cleaning process that tackles even the toughest areas, such as those with pet stains and pet urine. This process is accomplished by using steam cleaning or hot water extraction and is recommended and recognized by major carpet manufacturers.

Carpet Cleaning: The Steps

Step 1:  An inspection of the carpet is made to gauge the amount of traffic, wear, and to categorize and identify discolorations. A UV light is used to expose staining of the carpet that is not visible to the naked eye and so that areas contaminated with pet urine can be detected.

Step 2: A recommendation is made that the customer perform vacuuming prior to the visit of our technician. The carpet may be  vacuumed by our skilled cleaning expert to assist with the removal of any soil that is loose. (Vaccuuming is not part of the basic carpet cleaning package. There will be an extra charge unless to vaccuum unless customer chooses an upgraded package). 

Step 3: Any remaining stains are treated by a pre-spotting process. Then the area is sprayed with a solution that is safe for family members and pets. This solution helps to break down any remaining soil, debris, and contaminants.

Step 4: A final carpet cleansing process ensues, using water extraction. The water temperature that is used ranges from 212 to 240 degrees. This steam cleaning process penetrates into the depths of the carpet to the actual carpet fibers. This serves to remove the contaminants and transfer them to our dirty water tank that stores them all until the cleaning process has been completed. After completion of the cleaning process, the dirty water tank is removed from the customer’s premises. The usual drying time for clean, fresh carpets is between 2 to 6 hours.

Look no further than our experienced, knowledgeable, and, highly, trained professionals. We stand head and shoulders above the competition because our expert carpet cleaners are prepared to do the things that others just are not trained to do. We don’t just promise that your carpets will look clean and smell fresh. We deliver carpet that is thoroughly and professionally cleaned to achieve the superior standard that you deserve. When you choose our experts, you are choosing the superior solutions for your soiled carpet. When you refuse to settle for anything but the best, you can count on carpet cleaning ponce inlet fl. Contact us today for a next-level carpet revitalization experience.


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