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Being a professional in rug cleaning requires several certifications before a trained technician with the proper equipment should even enter your home. At our local carpet cleaning port orange company, our technicians are all certified by the IICRC, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, the industry-standard for inspection, steam cleaning, and restoration services, to ensure you’ll receive the very best carpet cleaning possible. Based in Port Orange our mission is to ensure you get the best cleaning service possible.

Why IICRC Certification is Important and Why Some Competitors Don’t Bother

First of all, it’s not easy! Each business applying for certification has to meet all the qualifications before approval. IICRC certified technicians also receive extensive training on the newest techniques and latest products to help equip them to serve the customer better.

Why Should I Hire A Professional To Clean My Carpet

Trained certified professionals specialize in the science of soil and stain removal. If not used properly, some products will make the stain worse, while a certified technician will know which cleaning method to use without causing any carpet damage.

 Another benefit of hiring a professional is that the investment will prolong your carpet’s life span and add home value. Carpets can typically get matted over time and look old and worn. Professional carpet cleaning helps keep the debris from tearing away the fibers in the carpet, giving it a luxurious feel and comfort and making it easier to vacuum in between cleanings. Though getting your carpets professionally cleaned can help freshen up your carpet, remove dirt, soil, debris, stains, and odors it should be noted that it may not look brand new again. Carpet wear is irreversible and some stains may be permanent. No company can restore a carpet to factory originality. The same concept applies if you get a stain on your shirt, treat the stain and wash it but the stain remains. Your shirt is cleaned but the stain remains. Is your shirt dirty? Of course not. 

What you may experience from getting your carpets cleaned is improved breathing and overall health are one of the most important reasons to have a certified professional clean your carpet. Contaminants in carpets include allergens, dust particles, and bacteria which can cause a host of breathing problems, especially for the elderly and children. Professional steam cleaning also removes dust mites and other allergens that make it difficult to breathe as the hot water will kill off everything that causes asthma and allergies.

Our Four-Step Carpet Cleaning Process:

1. An initial inspection will identify stains and determine the amount of wear and traffic on your carpet. A UV light will then be applied to detect stains not visible to the naked eye and pet urine. 

2. Though we invite customer carpet vacuuming before arrival, we will vacuum the carpet to help remove loose soils, hair, dander, and debris at an additional charge.

3. Stains are then pre-spotted and pre-sprayed using family and pet-friendly cleaning solutions to break down soil, dirt, and debris.

4. Hot water extraction is the following method we use, also known as steam cleaning. Hot water extraction is a method where water is heated up to between 212-240 degrees to penetrate deep down into the carpet fibers to remove all the contaminants. Recommended by top carpet manufacturers, hot water extraction helps break down pet urine, pet stains, bacteria, and allergens, allowing you and your family to breathe better. 

 The used water is then removed and stored in our water tank, which is located in the van. The carpets dry for 2-6 hours, leaving you and your family breathing better, not to mention the look and feel.

 Hiring a professional, experienced carpet cleaner doesn’t have to be complicated. Be aware of IICRC certification and make sure the company you choose has the experience and in-depth knowledge of hot-water extraction technology. Carpet cleaning Port Orange FL is IICRC certified with expertise in delivering detailed cleaning solutions, unlike some of our competitors. We use only the most modern and proper equipment and pride ourselves in giving our customers the most effective carpet cleaning service. 


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