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Our company provides carpet cleaning services in Volusia and Seminole County.  We are dedicated to providing the best results when it comes to any cleaning services needed. We are pleased with the progress that we’ve had since our beginning. We have successfully cleaned over thirty million square feet of carpet for our customers in Sanford, Florida. Our professional employees are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IIRC) and fully qualified to provide you with the most reliable cleaning services possible. 

If you want excellent work done, our carpet cleaners are sure to provide professional work compared to other companies that are neither certified nor equipped with effective cleaning techniques. No other company can come close to the organized and professional approach that we provide. You can trust our state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with a peace of mind that only comes with trusting in our professional service. Our customer portfolio consists of individuals who prioritize detail-oriented and thorough work from carpet cleaning services. Our exceptional methods and abilities serve the city of Sanford, Florida, to our level best, catering to every carpeting need. Be it commercial or residential; our fully-fledged service business will be able to accommodate any request you might have regarding your carpet. A room that was professional cleaned by The Steam MAster Florida LLC in Sanford Florida.

To clean carpets, we use the hot water extraction method, also referred to as steam cleaning. Various top carpet manufacturers have highly recommended this method. We heat the water that we use to between 212-240 degrees. This way, we can break down the soil, debris, stains, and bacteria in your carpet. The procedures and products that we use are perfect in removing issues in odor, no matter how tough they are. We are highly trained in detecting and identifying the cause of any odor problem your carpet might have. We offer carpet cleaning sanford fl services such as pre-spotting, extraction, carpet protection, rinsing, grooming, and speed drying.

Steps we take in cleaning carpets:

The first step in our cleaning process is to inspect the carpet to determine its traffic and the amount of wear as we attempt to spot any stains your carpet has. We use a UV light to identify the ones that might not be visible to the naked eye, such as pet urine.

  1. We do highly recommend that our customers take the time to vacuum their carpets before bringing them in for cleaning. However, we will also vacuum the carpet to remove any unwanted elements such as loose soil, dander, hair, or debris that are in your carpet. 
  2. After a quick vacuum, we will then identify the areas in your carpet with stains and use sprays and cleaning solutions. The formulas that we use in cleaning carpets are family and pet-friendly, so you don’t have to be troubled too much about the safety of what we use. 
  3. The next step would then be to thoroughly clean the carpet with hot water temperature 212-240 degrees. This ensures that we get deep into the carpet fibers and get rid of any contaminants present. This water is then removed and stored in a dirty water tank eliminated in an offsite location.
  4. The last step would be to let the carpets dry. The carpets take around 2-6 hours. You can guarantee that you will get your carpets back clean, fresh, and crisp.

We can handle any sort of carpet cleaning job regardless of the size and shape of your carpet. We also offer odor removal and pet stains along with a factory carpet protector at an additional fee. The techniques and solutions that our carpet cleaning company uses can be trusted as the safety of our customers is our main priority.

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